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"Bear Valley Engineering's innovative lighting design of our latest warehouse facility significantly lowers our operating cost while providing a bright and inviting work environment for our employees. 

Thank you Bear Valley!"


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Your Commercial Building Project Just Got Easier


Bear Valley Engineering, Inc. is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm founded in the year 2000.  We provide professional engineering design and consulting services for mechanical, electrical, solar, LEED and other sustainable design projects.  We are also professional lighting designers that specialize in energy efficient, award winning architectural lighting designs.  We have completed hundreds of commercial lighting design projects in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin Dells areas in Wisconsin, as well as lighting, electrical, and mechanical designs for major hotel resorts all over the United States of America.


Architects, Owners, Developers and Contractors call on us for help with a variety of commercial building projects. We are LEED certified, a Focus on Energy of Wisconsin Service Provider, and an Energy Star Partner. We help our clients save money and energy with award winning sustainable designs.


We also provide mechanical, lighting, and electrical help for local electrical or mechanical contractors in Wisconsin, and are considered an integral team member for many of these companies. We provide professional lighting, electrical, mechanical, drafting design, professional supervision, provide and submit State of Wisconsin plan reviews, and provide ongoing professional consultation. They think of as their in-house-engineer, and it allows them to focus on what they do best.  Find out why so many choose us!


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Why should you call on Bear Valley Engineering for your next project?


We Are Building Energy Specialists


Bear Valley uses an integrated design approach to ensure all engineering systems work together to provide the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable design possible. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the design and installation of complex integrated systems, so we know what works! 


We Make it Easier For You to Work With Your Team


If thereís one thing the Bear Valley Engineers understand, itís the importance of integration. If you want to have strong results, you need a working group that stands together. We help make project coordination easier by dedicating ourselves to strong communications with you and the other members of your team. We work hard to consider other viewpoints when making our recommendations while holding ourselves to high standards of engineering practice. We make sure that everyone is in the loop when changes need to be made that impacts other team membersí work.


We Make it Easier For You to Work With Your Engineering Consultants


Fewer aggravations - We understand what you do, what makes your job hard, and what you need from us. We want every project we work on to succeed because of us, not in spite of us. Thatís why we strive to ensure that no other consulting engineering firm can surpass us for responsiveness. We donít make you chase us down for proposals or information. We donít make you wait for days for a return phone call. We listen respectfully to your concerns and answer your questions thoughtfully. We donít waste time creating work thatís full of errors. Most important, we support your efforts to lead your project toward excellence.

Fewer surprises - Our commitment to good communication means that we let you know whatís going on. We do our best to provide complete, accurate drawings the first time out. And If it looks like changes are needed, we let you know right away, so we can brainstorm solutions.

Fewer worries - You donít have to worry about the Bear Valley engineers doing the job right. We hold ourselves to the highest professional and quality standards, backed up by big-firm experience combined with small-firm resourcefulness. We have the education, experience, and skills to make solid recommendations and quickly. Our goal is to provide strong work, solve problems creatively, prevent problems from happening, and keep your costs down.

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